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about the wives

cathleen carr Cathleen Carr is an actor, writer and comedienne living in New York City with her husband. In a tiny apartment.  You can learn all about her at

She was married on June 17, 2006.

robyn okrant Robyn Okrant a writer, performer, filmmaker and yoga teacher. Her mother highly recommends that you read Robyn’s book, Living Oprah. Okrant lives in Chicago with her husband, Jim, and two cats, Wasabi and Selma. She was married on August 3, 2003

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  1. angel-star says:

    you are both brave, i think, to start this, because it’s almost a dirty word to say “wife” in a way, (like in “the wife”) and that is sad…it should have a sweet and exalted meaning, but we have as a society somehow damaged it like so many other lovely words and meanings…

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