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Keep it clean…

It’s hot in my apartment!  I’ve been running up and down the stairs doing laundry for the past hour and a half.  Peter and I live above a laundromat.  I know all of you are jealous… Having a washer and dryer in your home is so last year.  The woman who rules the roost down there is amazing looking.  She has perfectly platinum hair, set with pins and panache and lipstick the color of cat’s blood.  For two years we have been eyeing one another suspiciously.  I, breathless from her well appointed coordinates and thick rimmed glasses and her, no doubt confused by my bra-less ensembles of tattered, cotton dresses and uncombed, bushy hair.

How does she put herself together so thoroughly every morning?  How can she bare to wear pantyhose in the dead of summer?  Who does she want to impress at the laundromat?

Today is Wacky Wednesday.  You get a free box of Tide detergent when you do a load of laundry. Me and the lady had our regularly awkward exchange.

Lady:  Miss.  Miss.  MISS!

Me: (Turn around terrified) Yes?

Lady: (Reaching out with Tide)  Take.  TAKE!

Me: (Humbly)  Thank you.  Thank you so much!

I take the box and don’t use it because I am already at the drying cycle of my wash.  We do not discuss the matter further.  I look especially crazy this afternoon.   I have on a skimpy sailors dress that I normally wear at the beach and dirty underwear.  My eyes are puffy and my teeth have yet to be brushed.  Oh, dear… what this woman must think of me!

As a brave and modern woman, I can get slacky with my appearance.  I think it’s because when I came of age in the 1990′s women draped in flannels and combat boots were considered sexy.  Remember, Walking and Talking anyone?  Singles? In those days, Janeane Garofalo was the dream girl…

My mom told me how her mother use to tell her she needed to dress up for my father when he arrived home from work.  This made my mother cringe…

Am I making the lady cringe?  Who cares.  I should brush my teeth though…

-Cathleen Carr

2 Responsesto “Keep it clean…”

  1. Dear Robyn,
    Enjoyed your talk today at CADM. I will follow your next blog and employ your comments on my own blog. I was raised to not go out of the house without looking nice, but it was my DAD who said so. He worked at a GM plant as a General Supervisor and it was close to our house. He didn’t want any of the men seeing him looking less than presentable to uphold his image and his self respect. Maybe you can start with something small, like brushing your teeth when you go out. I think it makes a difference and shows respect for others.

  2. cathleen carr says:

    Hi Debra,

    I can assure you that Robyn brushes her teeth before she leaves her home. This is Cathleen, the wife on the blog. I wasn’t speaking at your event, don’t want you to think poorly of Robyn:)
    I was doing laundry so I was not too concerned about my appearance. I want everyone to know that I brush my teeth and wear clean underwear on a daily basis…just not when I’m doing laundry;)

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