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And now for something academic…

Stephanie Coontz, who wrote the wonderful book, “Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage,”  breaks it down in the New York Times (Feb. 21, 2010).

Today, more men than women report feeling work-family conflict, suggesting that men are internalizing an identity based on their ability to nurture, not just earn money. Conversely, most women now say that having a husband who is capable of intimacy and who shares housework and childcare is more important than having a partner who earns more money.

These shifts in gender norms come with pain and conflict, of course. But they can also be a win-win recipe for marriage. The best predictors of a man’s marital satisfaction are how much sex he gets and how little criticism he gets. And numerous studies show that women feel more intimacy and more sexual attraction toward — and are less critical of — husbands who participate in childcare and housework.

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