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Standing Scissors 2.0


The Standing Scissors…

…is not a real yoga pose. Call the police.

Sore Ego

I forgot to mention that during my beginners yoga class I almost passed out.  We were doing “standing scissors,” for what I believe to be a ridiculous amount of time.  When I returned to standing pose [is that what standing is called?] my vision went black and the instructor had me sit on my butt and put my head between my knees.  I believe that pose is called,...

The M Word

Ok, first…I’m really proud of you for finishing your shopping AND doing yoga. (Can you email me what you bought Peter?) I’m glad you’re not going to give up on the yoga even though you can’t walk today. Your body will get used to it – you’re a healthy lady, in great shape. Having said that, I worked out the other day and for the following...

Done Shopping


Social Worker


Cleaning day


What Should I Get?


The one with the most dirty dishes wins


Hello world!

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