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Working from hell (home)

Working from home is pretty goddam sweet. Especially when dressed in bedtime casual, lounged out, taking a conference call. But when the first heat wave strikes, working in an at-home sweatshop becomes a very specific sort of hell. The kind where you roam from coffee shop to cafe, weighted down by laptop, hunting free wifi, cool air and minimally-priced coffee; a refugee without a cubicle to call home.

My husband gets eight solid hours of industrial, arctic strength a/c five days a week.

Summertime Sanity
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  1. Robyn Okrant says:

    We lost our electricity this morning and I had the same kind of day as you except Chicago style (not as much public litter or urine BUT I had a guy in a Cubs hat who followed me for 6 blocks asking if I wanted him to put sunscreen on the backs of my thighs).