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Mazel Tov, Big Apple!

Hooray to another state that has stepped out of the Dark Ages into an era of equal rights for ALL citizens. Thank you to New York, and Governor Andrew Cuomo, for signing the same sex marriage bill into law. Now everyone can fret with us about whether or not marriage is a venerable institution, or an antiquated relic. We welcome the MILLIONS of new blog readers who can now celebrate, share, rant and rave about their own law-bound relationship.

To all my friends who (finally!) have the right to walk down the aisle, to say your I Do’s, and to smash a glass underfoot this year: WHOOPEE! MAZEL TOV! CONGRATULATIONS! We are thrilled and honored to initiate you to into the club. We’ll teach you the secret hand shake soon.

And to the remaining 44 states still collecting taxes from all your residents, but only giving marriage rights to a select population…Snap out of it.

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