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Podcast interview with Lynn Chen: actress, blogger & supercool married chick

As an avid food-blog reader, I am always on the hunt for new sites with fabulous photos and engaging writers. About a year ago, I discovered Lynn Chen’s blog: The Actor’s Diet. It contained the prerequisites: mouth-watering photography, and funny, insightful writing. However, as I am an actress who has a long past of struggling with eating disorders, my first reaction to the blog’s title was, “Uh-oh. Another site perpetuating crazy eating for an already body-image-self-conscious demographic.” But the moment I started reading, I realized I was wrong. Lynn Chen’s journal is her first-person account of healing from an eating disorder. She is taking a very interesting approach: a public, honest, daily account of everything she eats. Everything. Including photos! This was eye-opening to me as I’d always been relatively secretive about my past.

Actress and blogger, Lynn Chen

The fact that she lives in L.A. and has access to every type of food under the sun is really fun for me as a reader. Plus, it’s really cool to hear her stories of life within the film/TV industry. I’ve become a little addicted to reading her site every single day. Yup. I’m a fan.

One thing I love about Lynn’s site: All the bits and pieces her loyal readers get to hear about her marriage. Cathleen and I frequently discuss how tough we think our husbands have it sometimes, dealing with wives who work in performance. I count my lucky stars to have Jim, who not only gracefully handles my insecurities about being an actress, but also the emotional ups and downs that sneak up when my old body image problems are triggered. I feel as if I’ve found an e-comrade in Lynn (ok, it’s a one-side relationship…I’m more of a blog-lurker than a real-life buddy).

We were so lucky to have a Skype interview with Ms. Chen. We caught her in the midst of starting up a brand new blog (, as well as premiering her new film, Surrogate Valentine, at the ubercool South by Southwest Film Festival. We know you’ll love this podcast and hope you check out Lynn’s blog, The Actor’s Diet.

Bon Appetit!


Lynn Chen is best-known for playing “Vivian Shing” in Sony Pictures Classic’s feature film “Saving Face,” a role she won the “Outstanding Newcomer Award” for at the 2006 Asian Excellence Awards. Since then she has appeared in over a dozen films, most recently starring in “White on Rice,” “The People I’ve Slept With,” and the upcoming “Surrogate Valentine.” As a child, Lynn sang with the Children’s Choirs at the Metropolitan and NYC Opera Houses, and made her acting debut in the NY State Theatre production of “South Pacific” at Lincoln Center. Television credits include “NCIS: LA,” “Numbers,” guest roles on almost all of the “Law and Order” shows, and recurring roles in “All My Children” and “The Singles Table,” opposite John Cho and Alicia Silverstone.

Chen, rockin' the candy aisle

When she’s not acting, Lynn can be found blogging about food and healthy body image at and


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  2. Eric says:

    Is she great or what? Within a week I saw her in “White On Rice” and a foodie friend sent me a link to her blog. Talented, funny, AND foxy.