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Morning beverage ritual of death

About once a week I say, “I should switch to green tea.” I have been led to believe that green tea will prolong my life indefinitely, prevent cancer and fortify my soul. But I love coffee.

Peter drinks yerba mate. He also drinks green tea. Apparently, he loves the earth so much, he wants his hot beverages to taste like it. Peter will live forever.

I swirl my coffee every morning with a special device called Produckt. It makes my cup of not-green-tea coffee even more delicious.

Oh Coffee, why must you tempt me so!

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  1. Robyn Okrant says:

    You and Peter both have very fancy drinking devices. Is the Produckt from Ikea? What makes it differ from a spoon? I can’t wait to visit your exotic abode. Should I bring my Serenity mug? x

    • cathleen says:

      It vibrates and swirls. Every morning, I get to have a scrappy, homemade latte. It’s the best.

      • cathleen says:

        Oh and yes, it is an Ikea produckt. And yes, bring something that can compete with our beverage arsenal. I don’t want you to feel inadequate…

  2. Maria Ciampa says:

    My theory: Peter is just making up for never going to the doctor.

    Also I can’t believe you have a coffee vibrator. New levels of awe right here.

    • cathleen says:

      It’s true. I have a COFFEE VIBRATOR! Wow. I never cease to amaze myself with my ability to make everything around me sexy.

  3. I have some older lady friends that had to give up coffee because it started to make them feel ill/too shaky. So I figure in time I wil have to stop anyway (horror!!). For now I embrace it as my one delicious morning vice. Double Americano. Every day. Delicious.

  4. Claire says:


    • cathleen says:

      Claire, next time I’m at Ikea having a Swedish meatball lunch, I will pick you up the Produckt coffee vibrator.

  5. fd says:

    someone once said to me that its important to have at least one vice. i have many of them. Coffee will be the last man standing in my new-improved-future-bestself-better-me-life-with-only-one-vice. slovenliness, laziness, booze and greed will be gone, but coffee = forever.
    and yes coffee is sexy. greenteayerbamate doesn’t stand a chance.

  6. Adrianne says:

    Your father, the green tea snob has a vice. Every day he visits his local barrista who knows him so well that as soon as he steps in the door, she prepares his grande cafe latte. Maybe he could use your whatchamacalit.

    • cathleen says:

      Yes, this funny. So everyone, my father is a total late comer to the Starbucks craze. Sometime last year, he had a grande latte for the first time and has never looked back. Keep in mind, I was a barrista at Starbucks ten years ago. So it’s not like he didn’t have to the opportunity to try one.

  7. Kristy says:

    yerba mate = meth…, no?

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