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Jeanne T. Arrigo rocks the stage and her marriage / Free CD Giveaway!

Cathleen and I have interviewed many married authors, filmmakers, performers and other artists who keep their creative careers very separate from their relationships. Insulating their creative lives from their partners keeps the peace under their roofs. On the other hand, we tend to bring everything home — we talk out our ideas, projects and processes with Peter and Jim. Thank goodness we married great listeners, or else these guys would have thrown themselves into oncoming traffic years ago.

When I met Jeanne T. Arrigo in 2000, we were performing in a play in Chicago. I was single — actually, to be more specific, I had just broken up with a jerk who I found out was dating two other women while he had me convinced we were exclusive. Surprise! Jeanne helped me through that nastiness and I had the joy of meeting her lovely husband, Brett. While I was in a I’ll-never-trust-men-again place, watching Brett and Jeanne together gave me a ray of hope. He was so different than Jeanne — he’s as quiet as she is outgoing, he is thoughtful and pensive as she is emotional and spontaneous. At a time when I was dating men similar to myself in temperament, Jeanne showed me that opposites don’t only attract, but they balance each other beautifully.

Jeanne onstage in Woody Guthrie’s American Song

Cathleen and I had a great time interviewing this Chicago singer/songwriter/actress and grilling her for answers about how to balance a healthy relationship while striving to attain your goals. We hope you enjoy Jeanne as much as we did.

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About Jeanne T. Arrigo

Jeanne loves to perform, whether it is when she is acting on one of Chicago’s theatrical stages, shooting an on-camera film or commercial, or when she is toting her guitar to a coffee house, a block party, a house concert, or a family campfire.

Theatrically, Jeanne has just completed a three week run in the new musical, Fairways, a story about finding love and honesty on the golf course. Prior to that she was in the five-time Jeff-nominated 20th Anniversary production of Woody Guthrie’s American Song, with Blindfaith Theatre Co.  Currently, she is shooting a couple of small, short films and auditioning for many theatrical and film projects. She can next be seen with Lookingglass Theatre in their April concert performance of a new musical, Eastland.

Musically, Jeanne has independently released two self-produced CDs: Her debut 2005 CD, “The Journey’s About to Begin,” is comprised of all original music. Her follow-up CD, 2008’s “Favorite Hymns Live!” is a double CD set which was recorded live, and features 20 hymns and spirituals set in acoustic, folk-infused arrangements.

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  1. jeff arrigo says:

    Jeanne is my sister and she rocks. I would like to now take all the credit for Jeanne and Brett. I’m glad she gave me props.

    So proud of Jeanne!

    Nice job on the podcast.

  2. Okay, so Jeanne is a friend. I’m biased, but I love her point of view. I am the spouse to an actress here in Chicago. Jeanne and my wife are often at the same auditions. As Trish is 4’11″ they are seldom up for the same role. No rivalry here.

    As the spouse, it does have its challenges. Marriages are stereotypically imagined as “home focused” but acting careers are not. They are necessarily elsewhere…on a stage or a set. My wife is often out of the house.

    We are in constant negotiation for home time. Constant. It’s the only way we can care for one another. We sit down with calendars or talk on the phone. I’ve been known to e-mail my wife before I go to bed (and before she gets home during tech week) to let her know what is going on. Absurd? Maybe. But it works.

    I love my wife. I love being married to her. It’s just atypical. That’s all.

    Great interview.

    • Robyn Okrant says:

      Tripp — this is really helpful. It’s always appreciated when we can hear the other side of the coin when it comes to the marriage between an artist/civilian. ALSO…I always find it somewhat a relief when I hear that other couples have a similar “normal” to us. Thanks a ton for writing!

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