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Vacation recommendations

No winter coat required today.  Already a balmy 50 degrees in New York, I can smell the arrival of spring like a just-opened jar of minced garlic.  Mild, sunny days like today are life preservers to those, such as myself, drowning in winter doldrums and seasonal affective inertia.  As if waking from a five month coma, fractured memories flood my cerebral cortex of summer dresses and shaven legs.

In a desperate attempt to extend our vacation in the Virgin Islands last winter, Peter and I got a subscription to Travel + Leisure.  On rare occasions, I try to Secret-ize my life into awesomeness.  Waiting at the airport in St. Martin for our return flight to JFK, we flipped through an issue of T+L that Peter purchased at the newsstand.  There were so many pretty pictures of tropical beaches and Italian cafes.  I wanted it all.

Me: Let’s get a subscription!  That way, every month, a glossy reminder will arrive at our doorstep and whisper, “Travel and Leisure… Two thing you love.”  We’ll never forget.  THE UNIVERSE WILL HEAR OUR CRIES!

Peter: Sure.

One year later, I’m staring at the latest issue that has just arrived.  The cover purrs, “Beach Resort Getaways You’ll Love.”

Oh Universe, hear my cries!

Inevitably, when Peter and I take a vacation, I hatch a scheme that will enable us to continue our trip indefinitely.  Here’s a brief list of failed plans from past getaways:

  • Husband/Wife mystery writing team
  • Start a Salt Works
  • Do something with solar panels
  • Start a comedy/surf camp
  • Give massages on the beach
  • Give advice on the beach
  • Live on the beach

Cape Cod, 2007

Today’s mild temperatures and the enticing write-ups of classy beach joints in Travel + Leisure has got me thinking…

I love taking recommendations for vacation ideas.  For my money, it’s the best way to plan a trip.  I’ll start with a couple of my favorites:

  • Tulum, Mexico. Peter and I went there several years ago.  The beaches are pristine and the pace is slow.  The closest airport is Cancun, so chances are good for affordable flight deals.  Also, the horrific violence happening in Mexico hasn’t spread there thus far.
  • Provincetown, Cape Cop – OFF SEASON! For this to work, you have to embrace the rugged beauty of North Atlantic living without the sun.  Get a place with a hot tub, eat plenty of chowder and watch the fishing fleets come back into harbor at night.  We did this a few years back and had a lovely time.  (On this particular trip, I decided we would become lobstermen.)

Your turn!

We all deserve a vacation, so let’s start hatching plans…

Your comments

  1. Leslie says:

    BERMUDA! It’s a quick/direct flight (2 hours) and you truly feel like you’ve landed in paradise. It can be a bit pricey, but good deals can be found online.

  2. Mendocino! Where you ask? Yes – Mendocino. North of Napa. Rugged shoreline, crashing waves, lots of sustainable/eco-friendly loging, that’s actually really nice, where you can pick your own food from organic gardens and collect your own eggs fomr the hen house(see Mar Vista cottages in Gualala – its heaven). You’re close to San Fran, Napa, Muir Woods…. The hiking is amazing. I would move there if Mitch wasn’t so city-ish. Then you can come down to San Diego and stay with us!!

  3. The Uncles Bill says:

    Hawaii…this year. Free place to say. Uncles and cousins that love you and will play with you AND leave you be when you need some romantic time.

    Continental has non-stops from Newark.

    Do it.

    • cathleen says:

      We will! But now you have to share the ideal vacation spot for you. Does living in Hawaii mean you long for industrial towns and urban sprawl?

      • The Uncles Bill says:

        New Zealand or Paris. It’s a toss-up. IF the kids go with us, it’s NZ. Belated honeymoon…Paris…for a month at least.

      • aunt cindy says:

        Trust me…the Bill’s in Hawaii give you a cheap way to be in paradise…beautiful beaches, great surfing, a car, fun people to be with…follow the wave…go

        • cathleen says:

          What’s another recommendation you can provide for non-relations? You’ve travelled a great deal and I bet you have some good thoughts.

  4. Robyn Okrant says:

    Jim and I have been fantasizing a move to Paris…and other days, we dream of California. But we’re talking moving, not vacationing. I love T&L — it’s like porn. I also read Budget Travel when I fly…it makes me feel as if the gorgeous spots are actually within my means. But they’re not.

    I want you and Peter to write mystery novels about living on the beach.

    I love Tulum…but if you’re looking for something different, try Isla Mujeres. Same airport — GREAT GREAT deals. And you can rent an apartment instead of a hotel, if you want. Fab beaches, great little town.

  5. Mackenzie Daggett says:

    See, this is tough- recommendations I am FULL of but having this incredibly strange life of living (albeit short term) in most of the places people think of for vacations, it is hard to say where we would actually want to go for ours. Funny enough, sitting in sunny St Martin as I type this (you didn’t tell me you flew thru here, we could have come and seen you at the airport that day!) all I really want to do is rent a camper van and drive through Oregon and Washington visiting relatives and old friends for a month…that or find a place with really good waves and nobody around to laugh at my attempts to become one with them (also known as the ocean kicking my ass from here to Sunday). Or just go home. OR come hang out at your apartment which makes me as happy as being in Paris or Nice or St Barts or even Capri. Because you are awesome and I miss you. Can you please just come visit me? And next time you plan a vacation, will you let me do it? I’m really good at it :) For you guys, I really think your next sandy stop should be a cheap flight to Nassau and a ferry ride to Eleuthera with a room booked at Surfers Haven house. You can surf, snorkel, get all posh and celebrity watch over on Harbour Island when you are sick of relaxing (yeah right), stay for cheap and fly for cheap.

    • cathleen says:

      I want to find out more about the Surfers Haven… That sounds like it needs to be added to the future list.
      I miss you too and I hope we can see one another this year!

  6. Adrianne says:

    Wait til I get my part time church with parsonage on the cape and you can have a freeby time but you gotta show up for church on Sunday.