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Inconvenient Soulmates

Hello all! Here’s what you should do today:

1. Read this marriage announcement from the Times.

2. Read the comments (that’s where the real fun begins…)

3. Watch video below and think, “What, what…WHAT were they doing?’

Enjoy! Oh, and p.s. I’m performing with Sassy Gay Friend in Boston this week.  If you live in the area, come on by!   I think there are a few more tickets available for the Thursday night show…

Your comments

  1. Kristy says:

    my vote goes to this comment on page 2, for “probably most accurate:”

    “I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that both Carol and John thought they were marrying their soulmates the first time around. The undeniable thrill of early love–especially if it’s thwarted in the beginning–doesn’t last under normal domestic conditions. I imagine that they will discover that about five years from now, when their new marriage loses its initial glow and becomes uncomfortably similar to their well-worn first marriages.”

  2. Katie says:

    So unfair and unhealthy for those kids.

    “Hey your mom or dad wasn’t perfect so I’m getting rid of them and getting a new spouse. I don’t care about your emotional well being so I’m going to flaunt that I’m screwing a good friend of the family.”

    Those are 2 very selfish and self centered people. They should have said a big loud NO to NYT.

  3. Paula says:

    While I concur with the second comment, this is the one I found the most interesting:

    “Been there, almost did this at the same age. My wife wouldn’t give me up – thank God. As a self-centered, newly recovered alcoholic, I had “just wanted to be happy”. I agonized about giving up romance with the other woman for quite a while but stayed home. The kids didn’t know. Thankfully, my girlfriend gave up and gave me the boot.

    I’m still married to my first and only bride of 45 years and am daily grateful for her forgiveness. She never brought it up after it was over.

    Write about this blissful couple in a few years and see if the romance is still there. Romantic love is truly addictive.”

  4. kiley says:

    “To even think about it was disruptive and disloyal.”

    Before even reading the comments, this stood out to me. Seems every time they were quoted, the words in between the quotation marks were riddled with shame and guilt.
    Truth be told, they said, they felt bad for the pain they caused their children, I suppose that’s valid, selfish to think acknowledging it, eases the pain but, valid. However, they did their 1st spouse a tremendous favor. Sometimes the universe gives you what you need and we are very thankful for it. We should also appreciate, at times, what it takes away, it does what we could never do and with time it shows us its better to knowingly walk alone, than walk with someone and still be alone.
    Keep your karma the way you keep your arrows, straight.

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