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Consider this your holiday card…

And so concludes another year sans Holiday greetings from Cathleen and Peter.  The first and last time we managed to get out seasonal well wishes was the Christmas after our wedding.  It happened for two reasons:

1.  We still had a fresh address list from our wedding extravaganza

2.  I was trying to impress Peter’s family

I married into an aggressive card writing family.  Peter and I get cards for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course, Christmas.  At first I was amazed and flattered.  Then nervous about keeping up and finally shamed by my inability to reciprocate.

If I’ve failed to make it abundantly clear through my previous posts, I am a very disorganized person.  When I am surrounded by organized people (especially women) I feel oh, so very… less than. The amount of steps required to achieve full scale holiday mail blitz overwhelms me.  Gather addresses, select stationary, take hilarious picture, write meaningful sentiments, buy stamps, mail – my brain just exploded.  I don’t blame those around me.  I blame my stubborn addiction to self-flagellation.  So…

Please accept the following paragraph as our holiday card this year:


Wishing you and your family a relaxing holiday.  May the New Year bring health, happiness and joy.

Much love,


p.s. I have vowed to make 2011 a year without shame.  While I regret that I am not very organized, I think it would be best for my self-esteem to accept who I am and stop berating myself for not being what I think the perfect woman should be.  There’s a very good chance that my idea of what a perfect woman should be has been shaped by advertisers and a patriarchal power structure that likes ladies with big boobies, quiet manners and boy-like hips.  I would like to get on with my life and leave behind all of my garbage bags filled with assumed inadequacies, missed opportunities and thongs.  I invite you to join me on my year of living without shame.  Happy New Year!

Your comments

  1. kate ragan says:

    LOVE this post! Thank You. I agree. I am NOT an organized person either. My mother has more organization in her pinky finger than I have in my whole body. EVERYTHING about organization (paying bills on time even when I have the money, grocery shopping, closets, baby clothes, cleaning supplies, hanging coats, weird old papers from College, EVERYTHING) totally baffles me and I get overwhelmed. Try having a baby to really throw you and your disorganized self for a loop. Where is her social security card? I don’t know. I want to make a scrap book but don’t even know where to begin. I like your “radical acceptance” approach to living without shame and am going to work on it this year too. YES! Also I’m reading Patti Smith’s book Just Kids, and it’s helping for some reason.
    Happy Everything.


  2. kate ragan says:

    OMG, and I love the comment about consumer culture and how it manipulates our sense of self and out decidedly un-boyish hips!!!

  3. Joy Schwabach says:

    Love this post! However I must confess, I’m a card nut. Just made and sent over 50 homemade greetings. I expect everyone to shoot me, as I notice most people aren’t doing the snail-mail thing this year.

    Hubby and I review software for newspapers, so when the new Hallmark Card Studio 2011 came in, I was off and running. Still like my 14 year-old PrintShop Signature Greetings with art by Marcel Schurman (around $3.50 on eBay) best, however!

    • admin says:

      Confess away! I love receiving cards – I love the ritual and all that jazz. I’m going to check out ebay…

  4. Robyn Okrant says:

    cc — a) i believe you to be FAR more organized than you give yourself credit. b) you have a rockin’ bod, screw the media! c) consider this your return holiday card. xo robyn

  5. Marianne says:

    I am also VERY disorganized. I also feel shame. Was your mother organized? Mine was VERY organized. Maybe I am rebelling – but you’d think I would have gotten over that by now, at age 50 when I lost mom 6 years ago.

  6. Yvonne says:

    Shame on you! NOT! What a great idea! (I love exclamation points!) I did send cards this year. Though not to you and there’s my shame sneaking up on me. My excuse: your Mother got one that was to the whole family so I could get out of sending one to all the nieces and nephews. But it bothered me not to send them. So Merry Christmas and a Shameless New Year! Consider yourself greeted. My mother was very disorganized and passed it on to us. I sent cards out to alleviate the guilt for years of not getting to it, I think. Now I have to get over not sending fabulous holiday email cards that do all kinds of cartoon delights. Also no pictures arrived in my cards. I’m still not off the hook unless I do as you suggest and decide to climb down off the hook and be free! Jan. 1st can’t come soon enough!