August 20, 2010...10:11 am

Boy do I wish I was a fly on Blago’s wall

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So, the recent guilty verdict for ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich has me thinking about politicians’ wives. How many times have we seen men in power admit extramarital affairs, lawlessness, drug use, etc…while their long-suffering wives stand at their side, creating a united front. Her presence sending the signal: ‘He can’t be all that bad. Look! He still has the love of a woman. He’s a family man!’ I am always less interested in the man at the podium than the dutiful wife at his side. I study her: does she really believe in him? Or does she know when she signed up to be first lady, she was committing to being used as a marketing tool for her hubby, no matter what? Or has she been strong armed by his staff into smiling pretty for the camera? I will admit to having a knee-jerk reaction when I see these displays. I would love, just once, to see the wife of a politician go berserk at one of these press conferences, up-ending the podium, slapping her husband, kicking over cameras, snapping microphone stands in half, expressing her outrage, disgust and hurt.

I think about parallels in my own life. As far as I know, Jim has never committed an impeachable offense. He’s never perjured himself, or attempted to sell a senate seat. BUT would I stand by him no matter what? Could I stomach it? There are definitely times that I will not challenge Jim in anything but a playful manner — with his family, for instance, or at his workplace. But other times, with my friends, I feel freer to call him out. Still, I have to admit, there is an unconscious part of me that is always playing amateur publicist for my husband. Behind closed doors, it’s another story, but in public, I honestly might not be any more valiant that those hair-sprayed and starched politician’s wives, hiding their dismay for the camera.

Luckily, Jim hasn’t done anything to test the limits of my loyalty. Yet.


  • Patty and Rod are cut from the same cloth. Whatever was done was done with her full knowledge, input and cooperation. Neither one of them believes they have done anything wrong.

    The problem with the Blago couple is that, unlike other crooked pols who went on to occupy the Governor’s Wing of Illinois State Penitentiary, they were inept at it.

    Then again, the jury was only able to convict on the charge of lying. Did he commit any crimes if he was too inept to actually do any of the things he is recorded attempting? As my BF says, “Free Blago – because it’s no crime to be a doofus!”

  • Judging from the history of my and boyfriend’s relationship, I know that I would stand by his side no matter what and defend his honor to others. But this is not because it is my ‘duty’ but it’s because I truly believe and know that he is good and honest.

  • Another funny post!

    I have to say I can’t imagine being married to a liar. I would have stomped off on date 1.

    • Joy, excellent point. I’ll never be in the position of one of those disgraced First Ladies because I couldn’t have married a man without integrity in the first place.

  • Thinking about the example of the cheating politician, I naturally picture a passive woman standing by her man. Once reminded of Hillary Clinton’s past predicament however..well, she’s not passive in the slightest! Dollar signs are probably inspiring these reactions.

    • True Natalie — Plus, Hilary still wanted to create a political career for herself — if she fell apart on the podium, she would have lost potential voters. I guess all those women have a reason for keeping their mouths shut and a smile plastered across their faces.

    • Natalie, I thought of Hillary too! Now, there’s a lady who’s is following Tim Gunn’s advice from Project Runway, “Make it work…”

  • I think there is some universal secret agreement made between politicians and their wives on their wedding night.
    Man: Dear, because I am power hungry, there is a good chance I will do something illegal and/or sleep with another man and/or woman. Are we cool?
    Wife: Yeah baby. As long as I get to be on a reality show and/or write a book.
    Man: No probs.

  • Does he have the love of woman or is she complicit? In life, we are judged by the company we keep. I once met the Dalai Lama, but had the misfortune to be with a couple of my idiot friends. We were quickly dismissed from his private audience. It was a tough lesson. Choose your friends carefully.

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