July 22, 2010...8:51 pm

Impromptu date! Sort of.

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The romance is not dead, people! As our seventh anniversary draws closer, Jim and I have been trying to keep things spicy by doing new and different things. And I’m not talking rated-x stuff (I’ll save that for another post). We’re going to new places, seeing new sites, and infusing as much of our time together with affection, joy and energy. Even when it comes to our mundane day-to-day affairs.

Case in point: today. This morning I had a doctor’s appointment downtown and had lots of blood drawn. I was woozy and a little exhausted afterward. What did my knight in shining armor do? He swept me off my feet and brought me to the Modern Wing of the Art Institute so we could walk hand-in-hand and interpret Jackson Pollack and Jasper Johns. For those of you who don’t relate to contemporary artists, I highly recommend having lots of blood taken before you view their work. In this haze, everything seems genius and comprehensible.

Jim and Robyn go on a playdate

During our medically-inspired date, Jim and I stopped by the new Eye sculpture. We're not sure who the dude is behind us, but he was weirder than the art.

Later, I had an appointment with my therapist. What did I do? I brought Jim along so I could psycho-analyze him in front of my counselor. I know what you’re thinking: Dream date!

Then we went to lunch. And a movie (Inception, if you’re wondering)! And dinner!

Now we’re back at home, feeding the cats and separating laundry. I didn’t expect to be out all day long with Jim, but I’m feeling happy and close to him. I guess whipping out my insurance card is more of an aphrodisiac than I ever knew.

Tomorrow morning I see the gastroenterologist for an upper endoscopy. Jim will be my date to the appointment because I’ll be sedated during the procedure and I’m required to bring someone who can escort me home. I better wear a sexy dress and high heels. Nothing says romance like a tiny camera being shoved down my gullet to view my duodenum. I just hope they don’t smear my lipstick.

- Robyn Okrant

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  • I hope all your tests and procedures go well. You have a great attitude in the face of these difficulties.

    I recall my recent trip to the Modern Wing with my kids and I had to explain to my 9-year old daughter why the surrealist painting of a tower with two large boulders at the base was so funny and I sent my 12 year old son around to “count all the nudes”.

  • Yet another post I so enjoyed reading. You’re so so right about how it’s the little “novel” things that can bring a dose of romance anywhere. There’s a great NYT article on the topic here: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/12/health/12well.html?_r=1.

    And, if anyone wants a fun way to remind yourself to put this kind of spark in one’s day, Power of Two has a fun text 7 day text message challenge for you. Sign up here: http://trumpia.com/exsignup/PowerofTwo/positivity or at http://www.PowerofTwoMarriage.com.

  • what a “fun” day (well, after the blood work, anyway).
    I’m a day late reading this so hope all went well yesterday. I’ve had to have Ron sit by me and hold my hand when I got an MRI of my brain. I had “sudden onset hearing loss” in 2000 and had to make sure I didn’t have a brain tumor. (I didn’t – just Meniere’s Disease.) He couldn’t do that now with the pacemaker though, so hope I never need another one!

  • No way. Do you guys sit side by side in restaurants too? We’ve never done it. Of course, we’ve sat side by side on the couch, watch TV, eating dinner…but that’s not very romantic.

    Thanks for the well-wishes. We’re leaving soon for the hospital. I have to fast for the procedure and I’m already STARVING. xo

  • "Living Oprah" Fan

    Great photo! Funny, tender post! Hope all goes well tomorrow. I’m sending all my positive thoughts your way.

    Here’s something new my husband and I just started doing. Sitting side by side at the dining table. We used to do this when we first were married and just started doing it again. It’s really fun.

    It’s hard to think of different things to do when the same old things are so nice.

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