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Give me some flowers!

Can I get a 4th up in here?

Today is our four year wedding anniversary.  And now I shall reflect…

Four years ago today I was exhausted, sitting at the salon with my ladies.  As the hairdresser twiddled with my sister’s hair, she told us how she had been up all night with her daughter who was throwing up.  My friend Jessica and I shared a terrified look as we internally played out our anti-fantasies of a vomiting bridal party disrupting the ceremony.

“Do you take Peter to be your husband in sickness and in health, until death do you part?


The sky was overcast that day and the fear of rain was palpable.  We performed homemade rituals aimed at any and all deities we could think of in an attempt to keep the weather on the side of TEAM WEDDING.

Right before the ceremony I screamed, “Where the F&@! do you think he is?!” in response to my aunt’s question as to where Peter was.  My dad scolded me, I cried and everyone rushed to comfort the insane bride.  Gaining composure I looked over to our flower girl, a family friend on Peter’s side and said, “Sometimes adults get upset and say inappropriate things.”  In my mind I was thinking, “Please don’t tell you mom.”

I chose a gigantic dress with about 5,000 lbs of tulle.  Because it was humid and hot, thousands of small insect nested within my many layers of textile.  When I arrived to Peter’s side after the processional he was met with a veiled, panic stricken face framed by tiny bugs.

We didn’t think through the order of when to call tables for the buffet and left the elderly relatives to eat last.

I loved every minute of it.  I just wish I wore a little more blush.

-Cathleen Carr

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  1. Hilarious post! Makes me recall my sister’s wedding. I was her maid of honor. The reception was to be at our mom’s house. To get ready for it, my sister and I were still washing all the windows on her wedding day, with just minutes to spare. I remember that we had both had our nails done for the very first time and they were chipping as we window-washed.

    There was a bridge over the swimming pool and when the band walked across it, wearing cut-off shorts, decrepit T-shirts, and weird hair, we both thought “Oh no.”

    Suddenly it was time to get to the church. My mom, who didn’t drive, didn’t think the bride or the maid of honor should drive, so we looked around to see who could. There was a handyman guy doing some painting and he drove us. By the time we got to the church, very late, I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I remember my niece trying to calm me down. But the wedding was beautiful. All the groomsmen were basketball players. They were all enormously tall except for one guy, 5’10,” who naturally was the one I walked down the aisle with. My sister’s best friend, 4’11″ walked down the aisle with a guy who’s 6’8.” Everyone laughed as they strolled in. Later, we all danced the night away on a terrace overlooking the bay in Newport Beach, CA. It was a heavenly night.

  2. robyn okrant says:

    Happy anniversary! I didn’t remember the date. I never remember other people’s anniversaries. Except my parents. We loved being at your wedding. So warm, laid back, filled with community. Loved it. Did you know we were in the last table called to the buffet? They were out of plates by the time we got to the food. But the friendly people scrounged some more up and we ate our delicious vittles on the ‘special’ plates. I felt like a VIP. It made me love your wedding even more.

    Oh, and your dress was a DREAM. Gorgeous. And the way you and Peter beamed at each other was adorable. I’m so happy I got to be part of your wedding day.

    Happy fourth anniversary.


    PS. I looked online about 4th anniversary gifts. Here’s what I found:

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    • cathleen carr says:

      I was so happy that you were able to be there! I’m so sorry about the buffet! Man, what a jerk, right? We’re lucky that your parents were in the vicinity- made the trip much easier and selfishly, I was able to have you and Jim there!