April 1, 2010...1:50 pm

Do you judge?

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I’m really touched by the emails and calls I’ve gotten as a result of the marriage counseling post. Thanks y’all. I love reading your experiences and feelings on utilizing therapy as part of a healthy relationship. More on this topic later in the year…

So, your responses have me curious about a couple things — give me a hand and check out the two polls below. Thanks in advance for the input, everyone!

Hope you have a great afternoon. I’m excited about mine: Jim and I are going to Target to pick out towel racks, barbecue tools, and hair dye. That place is my Kryptonite and I’m sure we’ll leave with twelve bags full of merchandise and the sick feeling that we might have spent a little more than necessary.
-Robyn Okrant

For everyone:

For married/widowed/divorced folks:

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  • As a human bean we learn how to judge people without judging ourself first… are we are in a position to Judge and do we think why? How about reflecting…

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