March 17, 2010...8:57 am

I love you, you’re perfect, stay SAFE!

I will be traveling quite a bit over the next few weeks and I have to admit, I’ve never given Peter a list nor have I even thought about what he will eat while I am away.   This is how our partings generally go:

Peter:  You’re going to have a great drive!  The sun is out and you’ll see trees!  Maybe even a deer!


Cathleen:  (concerned) I hope I don’t hit a deer…

Peter:  No.  You won’t hit a deer.  (caution enters his voice) If you see one, don’t get distracted.

Cathleen:  (with urgency) I promise to drive safely and not hit a deer!

Peter:  Take plenty of breaks…as many as you need!  I love you!

Cathleen:  I love you too!  Be careful!

Peter:  I will be careful!  Will you be careful?

Cathleen:  Yes, I will be very careful.

All of our psychic energy gets channeled into willing the other into avoiding a terrible, fiery crash while we are apart.  Keep in mind, I’m only driving 3.5 hours and he’s getting on the subway going to work. But once we’re out of sight from each other, it’s every man for himself.

When I’m out of town, Peter has a very specific meal that he eats.  He calls it, “Sad man pizza.”  But… he loves pizza.

-Cathleen Carr


  • I was at book club this week and one of the other member’s was making fun of a woman she knows for fixing her husband a peanut butter & jelly sandwich every day. She was especially judgmental because “this woman is a judge for God’s sake” as if her profession somehow should affect her willingness to fix lunch for her husband. I kept quiet, but I couldn’t help wondering if 1) if this woman was a dog-walker if there would be less judgment of the sandwich fixing and 2) what is wrong with fixing your husband (or significant other) a PB&J?

    • Great question Marianne. We fix sandwiches, apply ointments, and straighten collars because we love. I think having nurturing judges on the bench is a GOOD thing…

  • I’ve had a couple pizzas while Robyn has been away, I’ll admit. I’ve never called them “sad man pizza” but I feel like I know what he means. It’s not something to be proud of but it’s sort of good and gets the job done.

  • Sometimes, to be “funny”, when i tell my husband to be careful – he says “NO!” Hmmm..what can you do??

    • Let’s all stay SAFE! haha

      • I love the part about not fixing food – I never even think to fix food for Mitch if I go away (I’m also a miserable cook)! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing so, but if its expected – well, no.

        Other things I don’t do, besides cook:

        -Have kids
        -Lingerie (unless you want to see my cry about the size of my butt in red lace – not a good idea)
        -Wait up for him when he’s out with the boys
        -Watch sports – ever
        -Drink beer or go to places where they only offer beer
        -Stay in the same bed if he has a snoring episode

        And we have a great relationship!

      • One thing I’ve always admired about you is your clear vision of who you are and what you want. How do you do it?

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