March 1, 2010...6:02 am

The Identity Shuffle

A couple of quick of things…
This weekend, the kind woman on the beach who serves burgers, etc. congratulated me on my pregnancy. She did so because I was rubbing my belly. To her that signaled “baby.” To me it signaled “gas.” Oddly, I didn’t correct her because it happened so fast and I was caught off guard. So, to the locals here, I’m pregnant! Hooray! Later that day, another local said, “Where you guys from? Because you look like a couple of conservative Republicans from Nebraska.”
We are who we are until someone else thinks we’re someone else. In this case, a pregnant Republican from Nebraska.
I’m off to catch a ferry!


  • Mackenzie Daggett

    I’m just curious, considering we were there with you seemingly moments before this comment was made, did you continue to vacation drink (which for us means copiously, for you guys less so) and if you did, did anyone ‘on island’ seem to care? Was there the traditional raised eyebrow, the uncomfortable whisper, that tends to accompany pregnant drinkers? I am going to take a wild guess, considering the crowd, and say….nope, probably not. But maybe that is another blog topic.
    (and as an aside, I can attest to the fact that Cathleen has a spectacularly flat tummy and that comment was most likely a malicious hint of jealously…good thing she doesn’t have a diamond or it could have gotten a lot uglier)


  • Yeeha! your kids will be close in age – cousins that is. What fun! I’m thrilled for you. And look forward to your continued reactions!

  • This is so true. It’s amazing what we project upon other people (and then get offended when people do the same to us). Yesterday, a woman went crying past me in a store as Jim and I were hemorrhaging money to set up our new place. In a split second, I decided her horrible boyfriend cheated on her and she just caught them. WHA? For all I know, she just watched Terms of Endearment.

    BTW – the move went ok. We’re in the new place. EXHAUSTED. My whole body hurts. But I think I am going to be incredibly happy here once I figure out where I packed my underwear.


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