February 24, 2010...12:54 am

Vacation a Go Go!

The rain outside is unending and Accuweather is proclaiming that a “hurricane-like” storm will be hitting the Northeast this weekend.  You can grab your shovels, stockpile beans, and burn your ex’s photos for fuel, or…you can go the Caribbean.  By the time you click on your horoscope this morning, Peter and I will be mid-flight to the Virgin Islands.  We deserve this.  Are we being financially irresponsible?  Absolutely!  Could we have saved money with a “staycation,” instead?  Yes, but at what cost to our souls?  I don’t want to go to a museum and I don’t care about the adorable new pastry shop that just opened.  I want a beach, a sunset and a hot tub.  Toss me a coconut and leave me alone!

We rarely take vacations.  Correction, we rarely take vacations alone.  We both come from large and devoted families who we love dearly and as a result see often.  Those visits take up precious vacation days at work.  But when the clock struck twelve this past New Year’s we vowed to take our own vacation.  So here we are.

The first trip we took together was to Mexico when we were still dating.  Trial by fire!  If you want to know if you can marry or cohabitate with that special someone, then plan an international journey with said lover.  As you both wrestle with language, currency exchange and Montezuma’s revenge you quickly and efficiently learn if you’re right for one another.  We had one fight on that trip.  Trapped in a small town about twenty miles from our hotel, we frantically tried to hail a cab from the side of the road.  Hailing taxis in other countries is always a confusing and ultimately frustrating task.  So there we were, dodging cars at dusk in a small town in Mexico bickering about how to get home.  Where’s the love? It wasn’t on that patch of pavement.  Sure enough, when a van pulled over and the driver motioned us inside our spirits lifted.  Packed in with a bunch of other sweaty, sunburned tourists with the same depleted look in their eyes, we held hands.  By the time we arrived at our hotel, the love was back.  Until the first pangs of stomach cramps set in….

Anyone have any stories to share about travels abroad with friends, lovers or both?  Do tell!  Stay warm this week and for the love of god, take a vacation!


  • Years ago during graduate school I was dating a women that was nothing short of wonderful. A number of attributes brought us together. We both shared the value of communicating on all levels. We traveled together often and we learned not only about each other on these travels but the places we went. Eventually our relationship ended with J moving west and I wasn’t in a position to do that. I never forgot her and 17 years later we met again. We both were married to other people. The days we spent talking about all the years that had passed made us both think of what might have been. We both had carried a piece of each other in our hearts.

  • While a bad travel companion probably equals a bad husband.

    A good travel companion does not necessarily equal a good husband.


    • I remember on an early trip to Pennsylvania together, I had to put my foot down about the FOURTH complete reenactment of the battle at Gettysburg. I mean Gettysburg is interesting and all, but honestly.. enough, sweetie, can we get back on the highway already?

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