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Rally for Sanity

After a long weekend in D.C., my throat is a little sore but my sanity is doing great.  Peter and I drove down to attend the Rally for Sanity (and/or Fear) that was organized by Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert.  Being raised by activist parents in suburban Maryland, I’ve been to my fair share of marches and rallies.  I’ve protested wars, marched for union rights and even participated in the Smoke In, a march to legalize pot.  If you’re interested in knowing the true meaning of passive protest, watch several thousand stoned hippies and teenagers quietly shuffle by the White House, too high to articulate what they actually want.  Which is a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips….

All that jazz took place back in the more optimistic 1990′s.  It’s been years since I’ve taken my progressive marching orders and exercised my right to peaceably assemble.  I will let the scholars decode the sociological implications of comedians, not politicians, bringing together over 200,000 reasonable Americans to ironically air their grievances.  All I know is that I am glad that Peter and I were there.  I’ve put together a brief collage of the action on the street for those unable to attend.  Enjoy!

Also, I was able to hang out with my insanely adorable nephew.  Score!

Your comments

  1. Bill says:

    Our rally here in Honolulu was so laid back I forgot what I was doing for awhile…

  2. Jim says:

    I love Peter’s line about the portopotties and the shared laughter with the Japanese women, Cathleen. What an experience to be surrounded by that gathering, I imagine.